Friday, June 18, 2010

1:55am computer room

GodPower. How do we connect?
Through Love. Through Anger, sometime it feels like it.
Through humbleness.
Through gratitude.
Through thankfulness.
Through whole-hearted caring.
Through unselfish compassion.
Through serene meditation.
Through emptying the mind and opening to mystery, doubt, uncertainty. Opening to the window of the unknown.
Connecting to a deeper self, an older self, a wiser self, a self that has lived through generations and generations, the history and knowledge and wisdom of our genes that have moved in our ancestors, that have move our ancestors.
Through Love.
Love. Great Love. That brings Joy and Sorrow. And connects us to the awesomeness and terrifying beauty of Life.
The Oneness of everything. Everything and Nothing. All connected. All connected. All connected.
Such a mystery. Known mystery. I need to put away my anxiety and Breath. And that is all. To sink into the mystery. To connect with a GodPower. The creator. destroyer. giver. ender. Practice.
Practice. It all takes Practice.

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