Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Happiness Project

I'm reading a book. It's called, "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin. So far, I feel like I am reading the work of my future self, that is how much I exactly relate to what Ms. Rubin is saying, sharing, remarking upon. It's a little bit scary. But also exciting. I am engrossed in a book like I haven't been in a long while. My book tastes are changing. I still enjoy the escape of fantasy, science fiction and fiction in general. But since program, since Overeaters, rather, since my rather recent participation in the program...I have found myself wanting - no, craving! - immersion in the magic that is possible in Real Life. I am beginning to taste the sweet and salty of my feelings, instead of the food. Life is no where near perfect, but it's darn well pretty far from where I was when I wrote last. So, by that account, from that standpoint, maybe where I am now is perfection? Humans tend to think we will be slightly happier in the future, than our current state. This is the future. And I am happier :) The challenge (one of them) for March in THP [The Happiness Project], is to take on a challenge [ha]. So, here I am, coming back to this space, this place of spilling my heart out. And it makes me realize, I guess I always did have a heart, to spill. And that I use way too many commas in my writing. Sheesh.

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