Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day Three

About to collapse into bed. Trot through the woods in the morning, drive under a cloudless blue sky to meeting. Gain insight and peace through the shares and camaraderie. Collect a few more numbers for my phone, including a potential sponsor...:D Will call her tomorrow for a "chat". Meet up with the girls at their apartment, finally meet B's significant other. Nerdier than I expected, but nice eyes and seems like he can carry a decent conversation. To the theater for Bridesmaids; wow. Incredulous laughter throughout. Out into the sunshine again for some manic gas station and traffic maneuvering. Drop B off and head to babysit. A lovely evening and night with the two kiddies, wii battling, scooter-ing and park playing, silly movie watching, and ice cream float partaking of. U2 concert went late for the parents, made some bucks sitting around petting a cat and setting ID ring tones on my phone. Not a bad day, basic but good convo with S and B, walking around Seattle center. Followed the food plan for breakfast and lunch. Brushed my teeth when the kids crashed, and sipped a cup of green tea. Chilly now, and feel a little numb. Grateful for friendly, generous people in this world. Pray to be a friendly, helpful, generous person myself. Love.

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