Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Putting on chap-stick and puttering around before bed, I have decided I need to add one more star to my list of daily DO's. Have a goal, at least one, specific and achievable, every day. Today, my love left my mother's house (where I currently live) for his mother's house, on the Oregon coast. I shall see him again in exactly 20 sleeps, when I shall be about to embark on the last and final week of this June challenge of the year 2011. Yes, I have been watching English history documentaries, which is why the voice in my head and the words coming out of them have the distinctive lilt and cadence of a British academic. Ahem. I have much chaos and topside-turvey turmoil tumbling about in my heart and spirit. My soul is being crushed by the demons of uncertainty and fear. I pray for the strength and courage to find and embrace peace, through- a simpler way of living. Needing less and giving more. I am grateful for a lover, whose absence pushes my dream of us to grander heights in the lack of the real, everyday annoyances we encounter; and allows me complete freedom to hog the bed. Grateful for fresh, available drinking water. Love.

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