Monday, November 2, 2009

10:45 friend's bedroom

i think sometimes to get in, we have to check out. i am staying at my friend's tonight, ignoring food and opting for human contact. s'funny though, if i stayed here a couple more nights, i would inevitably be drug back to the craving. so i have to shift and shake and tomorrow will be another bedroom. thankful for supportive friends, even if they don't understand how much they are supporting me. a good day, busy and productive. a presentation tomorrow, that for some reason im a bit hesitant to give. think i just have a bit of performance anxiety cause a co-worker is coming along to shadow me. let go of the ego, and focus on service, on giving :) on how great i feel sharing information with other people that will make them safer. looking through old photos now, funny how life passes you by, but you really dont let it go. i think thats one thing i need to investigate in the next step; letting go of the ego's hold on obsessing over my past self- mistakes, what ifs. just thinking about me me me.
laugh it out laugh it out. what anxieties can i let go of today and give to my higher power? worry about anything but this moment.

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