Thursday, November 12, 2009

11:21 bedroom

a day full of goodness. driving through the frosted sunshine to work, felt the goodness in me, in the air, for the day.
last night a giggle filled and binge avoided evening with the boy. not much sleep but it was worth it.
not much work at work today but it was still fulfilling. talking with co-workers at lunch, two walks in the cool, bright late fall afternoon, meeting a new volunteer, exploring travel opportunities and music festivals. home to Dad! Very happy for him to be here, a genuine contentment. Bit of a anxiety and overeating after dinner (homemade chicken soup! happy and impressed with myself), but it pulled around, and we played Racko (game) and I lost the urge of need for more snacks. Grateful for his love, for the love I feel for his simple, hearty manner.
Would reflect a bit now, feel that space, feel that its right for it. Will read a little, then think I will retire soon to bed. To sleep, if it will come. TOmorrow is another day. Today was full of goodness. I have had this day. Grateful for real companionship. For genuine affection. Grateful for dreams. Grateful for grounding in the present moment. For those moments of 'right here, right now', 'this is it', this is life. I am living my life. Those moments where afterwards, you realize you were 'being' not just 'existing'. Grateful for recovery.

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