Thursday, November 26, 2009

12:16 bedroom

There is a poem, by Shel Silverstein, called "Boa Constrictor" about a man being eaten by a Boa and explaining the situation as it progresses until "Oh dread, it's upmmmmmmmmmmmmfffffff." and he's eaten up to his head.
Knowledge, without right action, can be useless. Something that can be conveyed in a children's poem.
A binge tonight. An exciting, but hectic, run around of errands after leaving early from news reading and web browsing at work. Snow gear sale rummaging with Luke and pictures at costco and yarn and needles and Michaels and groceries at Safeway. Started out not bad at home, but I didn't have a plan for dinner, and I didn't take the time to truly relax, and that made the difference. Watched a tv show i really don't find that complex or engaging, but its distracting enough when married with carbs and sugar. Decided to do a small exercise after, and felt calmer after stretching. Tired now, but felt I should put some words down.
Grateful for many things, but especially now, for the right to sleep and rest. Some don't have the privlage of this simple pleasure. Love to the world.

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