Sunday, November 29, 2009

8:32 living room

Wonder if this is the earliest post yet. Tiiired. Great afternoon of laser tag and big mechanical swing and bumber boats and arcade games. After wonderful lunch and lovelmaking with the boy. Very lifted and blissful after, felt so right tucked against him. Chin on his ribs, fingers playing with his curly chest hair, it was very present, very moment-ous.
Feel good now. Had a reasonable dinner. And some wine. Mum talked with me at the end, and I finished. Stopped eating. A bit of a push, but 'this too shall pass' ran through my head, and I became excited and relaxed at the thought of washing my hair, a hot shower.
Let myself be what it felt to be. It seems to work, I think I will continue this. And connecting. Reaching out. And reading. Reaching in.
Grateful for a sister and brother to help put up christmas decorations.

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