Tuesday, September 15, 2009


a choice made, several times, to eat, to continue eating. but it will not always be so. delve into the mind, unclog the drains, shine the sun into the foggy dreamscapes.
stop eating compulsively and grow up and face life. have faith in love and that there is a purpose to my life. that there is meaning to life. that one of those meanings is love, and with love, the darkness will recede.
stop binging. Meetings for perspective and reality, Sponsorship for guidance and support, Reading for understanding and clarity, Telephone for love, Meditation for serenity. try paradie, just try. to let go, to surrender your control over my fears and emotions. give God a chance, to show you what life can hold, its beauty, its thrills. give God a chance.
physical discomfort, tired sadness. tomorrow will be another hard morning and a hard day to stay awake. Higher Power, thank you for your forgiveness and hope, please help me find courage and strength for tomorrow. one day at a time.
i dont want to binge. i dont want to be afraid of my emotions. i dont want to be angry and wary of the future. i pray for motivation, hope, love and serenity. and for love for someone else in the world tonight who is full of pain. please relieve them. grateful for sleep.

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